We make your
ideas tangible!

HKT Design is a design agency specializing in product and user experience design, making a significant impact in the medical device and life sciences industries. Whether designing hardware, software, or integrated systems, our mission is to improve the lives of customers, users, and patients.

Join us in our commitment to designing better lives through thoughtful and impactful medical solutions!


With over 20 years of experience in medical design and a large number of completed projects, we are able to get up to speed quickly and deliver tangible results.

Our commitment to human-centered design places user needs at the forefront throughout the development process, resulting in the creation of desirable products.


We support you in the development of hardware and software solutions. From the idea to the finished product, we keep the needs of the user in mind. Be it patients, their relatives or health care professionals.


Great medical solutions are characterized by a seamless user experience that considers the needs of all stakeholders. We help you design this experience and test it with users before delivering the final solution. This is efficient and reduces development risks.


You have a business strategy; we complement it with a design strategy and help you understand the needs of your customers and users.

We work with you to create a development roadmap that plans and executes design activities in advance. This allows you to test your ideas with future users early in the process and improve your solution in short iteration cycles.


We work with start-ups, mid-sized companies, and corporations. The co-creation and involvement of all stakeholders is a key success factor in our work.

Please contact us for a presentation of solutions we have implemented with our clients.

Portrait Peter Hess

Peter Hess

Peter is an industrial designer with over 20 years of experience in medical design.

He is passionate about developing new solutions with all kinds of people from different disciplines.

He has a CAS in Design Management and teaches at various startup accelerator programs and institutions.